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We at Edunami recognize the importance of the step you are taking in your life by pursuing a higher education. We are here to help you every step of the way, whether you are a student in the 12th grade looking for the ideal college or a university aspirant looking for the proper path for your academic and career goals.

Our Services

We give you all the necessary details about institutions that offer the programs you need, as well as impartial application assistance for such colleges or universities.

Effective Career Counselling is carried out in a structured manner, by offering admissions advice and accurate information regarding related issues..

The brand's admissions arrangements are carefully limited to reputable universities that are legally entitled to offer such admissions; all such educational institutions are self-funded/private in nature. As a result, the government and several component authorities have granted them a 10-15% quota to admit students under this category, which is also known as the management quota, NRI quota, management seats, PIO quote and foreign quota.

With its focused efforts, IES can help students get accepted into private universities and professional institutes. We maintain strong ties with some of India's finest educational consultants and as a result, we are able to direct their assistance in this process.

For a variety of institutes and courses, we offer admission guidance under discretionary quotas like NRI and management quota.

All customers receive trustworthy services that are customized.

Students will be given comprehensive admission guidance in terms of:


  • College selection
  • University selection
  • Budget planning
  • Minimum percentage of marks
  • Required documents
  • Entrance exam
  • Fee structure
  • Payment terms & procedures

Why wait to change your educational path?

Your potential for advancement is limitless with Edunami.

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