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Edunami is your dependable partner in helping students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees plan their future professional lives. Our dedication to provide placement services of the highest caliber has established us as leaders in the field. We have you covered, whether you’re a student looking to launch your career or a business looking for top talent.

We Provide

Campus Placements

By planning campus recruitment efforts, we close the gap between exceptional students and top businesses. A wide variety of career opportunities are guaranteed through our large network of partner businesses. To increase your chances of success, our staff provides individualized advice and interview preparation.


Through our internship programs, which are designed to improve your abilities and get practical experience. To offer worthwhile internships, we partner with businesses across a range of industries. Create a solid career foundation and improve your resume.

Job Placements

We help new graduates and students find full-time employment. Numerous sectors and degree programs are served by our job placement services. Utilize our connections in the business to launch your career successfully.

Why Choose Edunami

Experience: After ten years in business, we are familiar with the requirements of both businesses and students.

Vast Network: Diverse placement opportunities are guaranteed thanks to our wide network of partner businesses.

Expert Guidance: We have a staff of mentors and career specialists available to help you at every stage.

Success Stories: We take great delight in the career success stories of the people we placed.

Personalized Approach: Our services are tailored to each student’s and employer’s needs.

How It Works

Student Registration: To access our placement and internship options, register with Edunami.
Career counselling: Get tailored career advice from our professionals. Participate in campus placements and internship interviews during placement drives.
Job Offers: Obtain your ideal position or internship.
Support During Onboarding: To enable a seamless transition into your new career, we offer support during the onboarding process.

Why wait to change your educational path?

Your potential for advancement is limitless with Edunami.

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